#MyNYWC is Whatever I Need

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NYWC is a chance to connect with other youth workers, to hear from the leading voices in student ministry, and to create space for your own soul-care; all of which is incredibly important when navigating the ever-changing landscape of student ministry. If your Church needs a fresh perspective or if your spirit needs a personal refreshing, listen to this youth worker’s experience at NYWC and why she says it is a resource for all her needs.

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Mark your calendar and plan on coming to NYWC in Sacramento (Oct. 2-5) or Atlanta (Nov. 20-23). Register now for Super Early Bird rates!

#MyNYWC is a Recharge

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The average battery life of an iPhone is 6-8 hours. Since our lives revolve so much around staying connected, we have to make sure we have access to phone chargers. Student ministry is no different. You have to be aware of your personal battery life and constantly be looking for ways to recharge. Many people attend NYWC because it’s an opportunity to reimagine, reinvent, and recharge their student ministry.

Check out Kent’s story about his NYWC being a burst of new energy.

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Mark your calendar and plan on coming to NYWC in Sacramento (Oct. 2-5) or Atlanta (Nov. 20-23). The updated website with seminars, speakers, artists, and more will be coming very soon. Register now for Super Early Bird rates!

#MyNYWC is New Perspectives

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One of the things that has always made the National Youth Workers Convention unique is the fact that we bring speakers from various backgrounds and denominations, with different experiences and opinions. The purpose of this has never been about ruffling feathers or causing a stir, but is more about bringing new ideas to youth workers, and helping them think about things they may not normally consider.

For some, it’s the variety and breadth of speakers that is the highlight of their NYWC. Listen as one youth worker explains why his NYWC is all about new perspectives.

And in case you haven’t heard, we have started to release our Big Room speaker lineup, along with some Big Room artists, too! Stay tuned for a detailed listing of speakers and artists!


New NYWC Schedule — Important!

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We’re already getting excited for this year’s National Youth Workers Convention! One of the reasons we’re looking forward to it so much is because we’ve changed up the schedule to help you and your team get as much as possible out of the four days.

What’s new this year:

Thursday Intensives Schedule–The optional pre-event Intensives will take place from 1-6pm on Thursday only. You still get to go deeper on a topic of interest, and then you’ll be ready for the first Big Room after a dinner break. Friday morning we’ve got something new we’re bringing to NYWC (which we’ll tell you more about later).

Thursday Big Room–We’ll be kicking off NYWC with our first Big Room session at 7:30pm on Thursday, followed by our Exhibit Hall Grand Opening (with food, music, and fun). In the past, the first Big Room wasn’t until Friday afternoon.

Sunday Schedule–NYWC will end at 1pm on Sunday. Because we know the challenge of getting back home and ready to start the week, we wanted to make sure you could get the whole event in before you have to leave. Since we moved the first Big Room to Thursday, we still have the same number of Big Room sessions with amazing speakers, worship, and fun.

What it means for you:

Make your travel plans so that you’re in town by Thursday afternoon (either Sacramento on October 2 or Atlanta on November 20) for Intensives and the opening Big Room session. Registration will be open 11am-7pm on Thursday. Then plan on being able to experience the entire event before you have to leave, since we’ll wrap up at 1pm Sunday.

Since the optional Intensives have been shortened, the prices will be lowered as well. Stay tuned for an update with pricing and Intensives titles & speakers.

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#MyNYWC is a Wakeup Call

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Whether it’s a wakeup call that serves as your “official” calling into youth ministry, or it’s the wakeup call that reminds you why you love doing youth ministry, the idea of the National Youth Workers Convention serving as a wakeup call is a common thread among attendees. No matter where you are in your ministry journey, there’s something at NYWC that will connect with you right where you need to be met.

Tell us what NYWC is for you. Use the hashtag #MyNYWC and share your own story. Here’s one youth worker’s story of a wakeup call at NYWC:


Mark your calendar and plan on coming to NYWC in Sacramento (Oct. 2-5) or Atlanta (Nov. 20-23). Register now for Super Early Bird rates!


#MyNYWC is Practical Training

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Everyone who comes to the National Youth Workers Convention experiences something different. Sure, we’re all in the same convention center, hearing the same big room speakers, singing the same worship songs together, walking through the same exhibit hall. But each person at NYWC comes with unique needs, and there’s enough going on throughout the event that a youth pastor or youth ministry volunteer can find exactly what they need, whether it’s training from a seminar, reflection with a spiritual director, time with God in the prayer chapel, community in a Family Room, or encouragement from the energy of thousands of youth workers in one place.

We’re kicking off a series of short videos where youth workers share what NYWC is for them. We’re calling it #MyNYWC, and we’d love to know what your NYWC experience is. Share on social media and use the hashtag #MyNYWC to tell us what NYWC is for you. Here’s the first, from Mike, who was part of NYWC in San Diego last year.

We’re excited for what God has in store for youth workers this fall at NYWC in Sacramento (October 2-5) and Atlanta (November 20-23). Mark your calendar and start making plans to join us. Registration is open and Super Early Bird discounts are available!